Upcoming Author Presentations

Tomas Gayton will discuss his book, Jazz Heaven, Saturday,, August 5, from 1:00-:2:30 in the Mary Hollis Clark Room. This program is part of the as part of the Friends of the Central Library’s Writers to Watch program.


Tomás was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, the grandson of African American pioneers. Tomás is a retired Civil Rights attorney/activist. He cofounded San Diego Poet’s Press and taught many verse writing/poetry classes, in

cluding at the Craft Center U.C.S.D. He is a world traveler who lives in San Diego. His poetry is his life in verse.

Tomás’ words have appeared in Poets West, The Seattle Review, Vision Magazine, The San Diego Reader, City Works, African American Review The San Diego Poetry Annual and other literary publications. His most recent volume of poetry is Jazz Heaven.  Other published verse includes: Sojourn on the Bohemian Highway, Vientos de Cambio/Winds of Change, Yazoo City Blues, Time of the Poet, Dark Symphony in Duet with the late Sarah Fabio, and Two Races, One Face, with John Peterson. Tomás’ work is also featured on his website (www.sambajia.com). His first memoir, Long Journey Home, is also available on Amazon Kindle.