W2W: Writers to Watch

The Board of the Friends of San Diego Central Library, is delighted to undertake a new program, titled W2W, designed to promote self-published authors in San Diego area.

W2W – Writers to Watch – will select accomplished local authors to be featured at a highly visible spot in the central library the first Sunday of each month. They will be able to display their book(s), invite their own audience, and introduce their work. In addition to a Q&A, they will be able to hold a small reception, and sell and sign books. The Friends of the Library will publicize and promote these events, but it will be up to the author to take additional steps to ensure a good turnout, and structure their own event.

There are numerous talented authors in our midst, but those who independently publish their work often have difficulty getting the attention they deserve. As an establishment that is deeply involved with the local writing community, the Central Library creates an ideal venue for high-achieving authors to reach their readership.

With only twelve slots per year, authors will be selected from those on display at the annual Local Author Exhibit. The selection is based on the following criteria.

1) A recent self-published book, or older title the author is actively promoting

1) The quality of the book(s)

2) An Amazon Sales rank of no more than six figures (i.e. less than 1,000,000) at the time of selection

3) Strong Author profile, including awards, reviews, and work history.

If there is any local author meeting these criteria you would like to draw to our attention, please let us know! It is the hope of SDFOCL to identify and promote the best of our local talent through these events.